Help Your Teen Face Their Social Anxiety TODAY!

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In a world of text messages, ordering online, and in-store pickup, one can go the entire day without speaking to a single soul! However, studies are showing that loneliness is a rising cause of depression and anxiety. Artificial intelligence may be the wave of the future, but it is not our present. 

Have you noticed your teen struggle with everyday assertiveness and basic conversation skills? Below are quick ways to introduce your teen to the art of chit-chat and increase their exposure to social situations.

1. Request your teen order their meal at a restaurant. Bonus points if they can look the server in the eye when making special requests. 

2. Have your teen request and pay for gas with the attendant. Having to remember the pump number and debit-card pin will assist with on-the-spot memory recall. 

3. Encourage your teen to compliment someone at a gathering.  People love to talk about themselves; teach your adolescent the art of curious questioning. 

4. Remind your teen to hold the door for others. Encourage your adolescent to look others in the eye to ensure acknowledgment of the door being held. 

5.  Announce the floor numbers while riding in an elevator. Silly? Absolutely! Shame-attacking? Even more so!! Showing your teen that being silly is okay will help reduce anxiety. 

Does your teen need help with Social Anxiety? PSYCHē is holding an 8-week course helping adolescents crush their anxiety! This program is designed to educate parents on social anxiety and provide opportunities for teens to face their fears. Contact us to book your spot today!

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