Environmental Interventions™ (EV's)

We do what works instead of what's "supposed to" work. 

PSYCHē is pleased to be the only outpatient practice offering wrap-around services for private pay clientele in the Nashville area. 

Environmental Interventions™ (EV's) take place in the real world where triggers and challenges actually happen. Originally developed by PSYCHē to enhance the effectiveness of therapy sessions, these meetings now focus on a variety of issues such as resumé building, time-management, accountability calls and meetings, organizational assistance, and working through backlogged paperwork. If the client needs it, we work to find a way to make it happen.

EV plans compliment therapy, relieve stress, and further client personal, career, and educational goals. Because EV’s are not therapy, EV Coaches refer to the main provider for any therapeutic issues that arise. And because EV coaches are in constant contact with therapists, there's more bang for your buck. 

EV Consultation Session (60 minutes): $22

EV Session (60 minutes): $35

EV Session (12o minutes): $44