Adolescents, Families, & Couples Therapy at Psychē

PSYCHē offers an entire team of support for your family. We help families who struggle with tough issues like anxiety, depression, self-harm, behavior problems, and suicidal thoughts.

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Parent Coaching

Parents deserve to be a part of their child’s therapy process. Coaches teach how predictability and refusing to treat kids and teens as fragile, crazy or bad improves their natural capacity to heal and grow. They don’t come with a manual, but we sort of made one up. Caregivers receive 24/7 access to a Parent Coach for in-the-moment support when you need it most. We won’t leave you out in the cold wondering what’s going on with your child’s therapy.

Support Between Sessions

PSYCHē believes the majority of progress happens outside of the actual therapy session. On site coaching and help in YOUR environment may be what is needed to bring about change. Need a daily phone call for a week or so to get out of a funk? We have someone who can do that. Would it help to have an actual person meet you at the gym so you show up? We can do that too. We do what works.


PSYCHē holds workshops designed to be a "crash course" to help caregivers learn how to manage difficult behavior. This popular class has been known to boost confidence and hope for parents who feel stuck. Attendees learn go-to tips and tricks on how to parent the best for the child they have. Anyone can come, so shoot us an email to sign up.

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PSYCHē therapists that practice family therapy: