Francisco Meyer, M.S.

Francisco is a guy who will surprise you. While he appears to be “straightlaced” and formal, he is actually most comfortable with epic therapy challenges. Having previously worked in a variety of places, including a prison and other forensic settings, he can handle just about anything...and loves it. He completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Chicago, which was a bit too cold for his liking. Having sworn to himself he was done with the snow and -50 F° days, he headed south to Nashville and got his Master’s in Psychology from Vanderbilt, and is currently working on his Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Psychology. 


Francisco enjoys working with all types of clients and not much surprises him. Additionally, having grown up in Argentina, Francisco is fully bilingual and capable of working with Spanish-speaking clients in their own language.


In his free time, Francisco enjoys traveling, hiking, and cooking.