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Adult Social Anxiety Group

The best way to overcome social anxiety or social phobia is exposure therapy. Our therapists assist with activities designed to help you overcome your fear of social situations.


Social Anxiety Group

Be uncomfortable on your terms. This 8-week group will not only educate you on the causes of social anxiety, it will give you in-the-moment experiences to face your fears. Stop avoiding and challenge yourself. 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of cognitive distortions.

  • Challenge irrational thinking.

  • Learn muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, and other mindful strategies.

  • Better scale and manage anxiety-provoking situations.

  • Identify avoidant behaviors.

  • Engage in planned and spontaneous exposures of varying degrees.

  • Distinguish facts from opinions.

Facilitator:  Addy Turiano

Facilitator: Addy Turiano

Saturdays 10am-1130am

Open to Adults 18+

8 Week Commitment

Call for more information on the next group!