Responsibility Relief Program (R&R)

PSYCHe’s R&R program was designed to provide families with a reprieve from the constant care of “at-risk” and oppositional adolescents who struggle with emotional disturbances. Much like state-sponsored respite services, R&R provides a level of care more intensive than that which would be offered by a traditional “babysitter.” Our Chaperones are supported by PSYCHe licensed clinicians in times of crisis and provide 24-hour supervision of your child in your own home.  

How long can a Chaperone assist?

Whether you just need an evening out or you need an entire week away for business or pleasure, we can provide the supervision and the peace of mind you need to let go of worries about your child’s wellbeing.

What about getting my child to appointments and school?

By using ridesharing applications such as Uber and Lyft, we can accompany your child to school, extracurricular activities, and appointments, ensuring they don’t miss a beat while you are away. Online video applications allow you to connect via cell phone anytime, anywhere to observe your child while you are away.

What is the process of getting started?

Just give us a call or email and we can send you the paperwork to get you started. Our office will then set up an R&R evaluation to further assess your needs. Once it is determined that your family is a good fit for the program, we will ask about your schedule and preferences, emergency contact information and procedures, and obtain consent paperwork which allows our Chaperones and Clinicians to intervene in the event of a medical or psychiatric situation. After submitting payment and setting up a plan for incidentals, you are ready for some R&R!

What is the cost?

The R&R evaluation is at least 60 minutes and the cost is $100. This initial evaluation is a one-time fee that permits your family ongoing participation in the program.  The Chaperone fee per day is $525 or $75 hourly (4 hours and under). Travel costs, meals, and any incidentals your child may require are not included in this fee and will be determined during the R&R evaluation.  

Take a night off. Take a week off.
You deserve some R&R.