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Do I Need Therapy?

With therapy becoming more and more common, it’s completely normal to be wondering if it’s time for you to seek therapy too. Dr. Vaughn and Sarah break down expectations and discuss scenarios were a therapist can be beneficial and when it might be disadvantageous. Are you unsure whether therapy is right for you? Take a listen today to see if their expert insight provides you with more clarity.

If you are having suicidal thoughts or thinking about harming yourself or others please seek therapy or professional help immediately.

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Vulnerable Kids Go Back to School: 6 Things Caregivers Can Do BEFORE the First Day

It’s mid July and for many families, that means (gulp) considering back-to-school preparations. While all kids can benefit from these recommendations, for those with histories of depression, anxiety, and/or attention problems, these steps can be critical to preventing a life threatening escalation of symptoms.

Thankfully, there’s still time to do a few things that will make life a whole lot easier once the first day arrives:

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