Do I Need Therapy?

With therapy becoming more and more common, it’s completely normal to be wondering if it’s time for you to seek therapy too. Dr. Vaughn and Sarah break down expectations and discuss scenarios were a therapist can be beneficial and when it might be disadvantageous. Are you unsure whether therapy is right for you? Take a listen today to see if their expert insight provides you with more clarity.

If you are having suicidal thoughts or thinking about harming yourself or others please seek therapy or professional help immediately.

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How to Pick a Therapist

Dr. Vaughn and Sarah discuss the often daunting search that people go through to find an effective therapist for themselves or a loved one. They provide insight on ways to narrow down your search, differentiate therapists, and find important goals that you and your therapist should share. Are you in the market for a new therapist? Take a listen today to be better informed on ways to find the right therapist for you.

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Don't Ask Why

Dr. Vaughn and Sarah have a conversation about the effects of constantly searching for the why behind your problems. Do you find yourself constantly asking why? Take a listen today to help better understand when it is okay to be asking yourself "why" and better methods for when it's not. 

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