Family Therapy

When all members participate in family therapy, the chances for success skyrockets.

Family Therapy Boston and Nashville

Family therapy can be a great place to start or the perfect place to “end up.” When one member of the family is having issues, like it or not, it affects EVERY member. How each person copes with problems is unique. If there is one thing a family therapist could share it would be this: When each person works to “own their part,” change is more likely to happen. Sometimes, it works best if individual therapy comes first—there may be a history of misunderstandings that need to be worked through first. Some family members can’t even imagine being in the same room as other members! That’s ok. We’ve been there before. Some family members just aren’t ready. We get it. We’ll start when you’re ready.

PARENTS, there is no manual or how-to on being a perfect parent. Learn about what healthy parenting looks like and how that helps your child in their journey to happiness and success HERE.