Family Therapy

PSYCHē offers an entire team of support for your family.
We cater to the specific needs of families with children and teens dealing with anxiety, depression, self-harm, oppositional behaviors, and suicidal ideation.

Parent Coaching

When caregivers ensure that kids receive predictible consequences for behavior while simultaneously refusing to treat them as fragile, crazy or bad it maximizes the child's natural capacity to heal and grow. Every family at PSYCHē will participate in sessions focused on behavioral principles and contingency management. Parent Coaches assist with putting a plan into action and parents receive 24/7 access to their Coach for in-the-moment consultation and support.  

Support Where You Are

PSYCHē believes the majority of therapeutic progress happens outside of the traditional therapy session. On Site services can serve as accountability for backlogged school work, eyesight for your child when away, advocacy at school, and more. Read more about our programs including:


Dr. Stephanie Vaughn holds a monthly workshop designed to be a "crash course" on behavior management techniques. This popular class has been known to boost the confidence of parents. Attendees learn a variety of go-to tips and tricks to parent mindfully.

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Whatever the clinical question is, we want to answer it. Because we don't work with insurance companies, we can schedule quickly and provide more thorough assessments. We don't conduct "standard batteries" of tests because each clinical question is different. We tailor the assessment to your needs and your questions. You won't get one more or one less test than is needed to get the job done. 

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PSYCHē therapists that practice family therapy: