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When "Reaching Out" is Harmful

Sometimes it is actually not beneficial to ask for help.

Excuse me, what??? Aren’t we supposed to call on people when we are distressed? Doesn’t EVERY social media account hosted by mental health professionals post frilly quotes about how important it is to ask for help and how “it’s ok to not be ok?”

Well that’s one part of the elephant.

Yes, asking for help is a life skill. We all need to do it sometime if we are going to survive and have satisfying relationships. But just like any “good thing,” we can use it too much.

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Vulnerable Kids Go Back to School: 6 Things Caregivers Can Do BEFORE the First Day

It’s mid July and for many families, that means (gulp) considering back-to-school preparations. While all kids can benefit from these recommendations, for those with histories of depression, anxiety, and/or attention problems, these steps can be critical to preventing a life threatening escalation of symptoms.

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